Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer's Swan Song

To create this image, I used Kim's CrackerJack, Stained Linen, and Aurora textures. I also added a couple of textures of my own making. Finally, I added a little text and adjusted the opacity to make it softer.

To see other beautiful images made using Kim's textures, please click the link: Kim Klassen's Cafe

I will also be linking to Texture Thursday. Take a look at the thedailywyatt.blogspot.com to see some creative use of free photoshop textures available on the net.


  1. Love the vintage-ness. Very cool!

  2. Your beautiful white hydrangea features again...what a glorious composition!

  3. You shot this at such a great angle. Love the softness of the whole image and the added textures are great.

  4. Just a beautiful image - the textures really make it vintage and your title is very apt.

  5. I am really enjoying the Thursday texture tour. Very pretty! Definitely frameable.

  6. This is beautiful!
    I've had a really nice time wandering around your blog. I took a look, for example, at the "My Garden" section; your garden is stunning! I'm going to hit the follow button.


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