Friday, November 19, 2010

The Ultimate Procrastinator

I'm finally thinking about planting spring bulbs and yes, seeing that it is almost the end of November, it is absolutely true that I should win a prize for procrastination.

So what bulbs am I planting, you might ask? Mostly, they are the deep discount, ninety-nine cents a box type bulbs. I dug deep down into those clearance bins to find daffodils and narcissus bulbs of all sorts, a few boxes of tulips and several boxes of purple and yellow crocus.

And a few weeks back, I also splurged and bought a few fancy bulbs, including some red and yellow parrot tulips for the front of the house. Last year the voles got most of the tulips in the front garden and so fingers crossed these new parrots will actually get to greet the spring.

I have no doubt that I will pay for my procrastination with frozen fingertips!

In keeping with my spring bulb theme, the irises shown in this post are this weeks grocery store bouquet. They have been doing a wonderful job of brightening the front hall for days.

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Now is a great time to buy those bulbs. They will be so welcome next spring just like your beautiful Iris.

  2. Hey! That's MY title! You can't be that, I already am! Just teasing. I think we all do it all too often.

  3. I still have some bulbs to plant too!

  4. Jennifer, you are making me wish it was spring!


  5. You have some wonderful photography. But, being both a plant and animal lover, I came to see your dogs. So very cute and fluffy. I had three dogs at once, but our city only allows two. The Sheltie had to go because he was the last to enter the family. I was so sad.

  6. Jennifer I LOVE the wild iris look .. I have a few that are the palest blue I have ever seen yet but all colours are gorgeous with this structure .. and wow missy ! have you left this to the last minute or what ? hahaha
    Hey .. I have finally changed my blog name .. I procrastinated LONG enough and finally did it .. however I lost my blog roll and quite a few brain cells to boot of course.
    I'm now at
    Joy : )

  7. Beautiful flowers!
    I am sure your bulbs will be great. Like the saying better late than never.

  8. Jennifer I am sure the flowers will be a lovely accent in your garden next spring.Good going to get a deal.


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