Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poor, Friendless Yellow!

Yellow is probably the most maligned color in the garden. I would go so far as to say, that if  you were to take a poll, it would probably be elected "Least Favorite Garden Color" by a landslide. 

Poor, unloved yellow! 

Heck, if it were a person, it would need therapy just to cope with all the rejection.

Now personally, I don't mind yellow. ( I know I am swimming against a strong current here. What can I say? I'm always seem foolhardy enough to climb out on a limb to champion a worthy underdog!

I'll grant you that yellow does have a grit your teeth edge to it in its brightest forms, yet it is cheerful and lively too.

Just look at these sunflowers! They are so darn happy looking, they might as well be smiling.

I think of children, when I think of yellow sunflowers. They have a simple, overall shape that a child can easily capture with a box of crayons. 

Bees love them.

And miraculously, they turn their faces to the sun.

Certainly, no flower advocates yellow with a bigger voice!

But, if you do not like yellow, I concede that you may never like yellow. Nothing I or anyone else could say can change that. 

It is just one of those inexplicable personal preference that defies analysis. 

Yet, no matter what we may think of it, yellow isn't going anywhere. Color in nature exists apart from fashion and personal preference. 

Yellow is always here and there, shining brightly sometimes and glowing softly other times. It awaits your notice and appreciation with persistence, on the off-chance that you change your mind.


  1. Interesting post with beautiful pictures! I really like yellow, I think it's a bright & happy colour in the garden. I seem to avoid red, and even orange, but yellow looks great with white & blue. :)

  2. I love yellow in my garden! Sunflowers, black eyed susans, yarrow, daisies! Pretty.

  3. I don't seem to avoid any color in my garden. Somehow they are work together, and there is nothing like yellow for pop in the garden border.


  4. Wonderful photos! I too am a yellow supporter. Particularly with a large yard, yellow is a colour that carries across a distance. Not just in flowers either, yellow foliage is a favourite as well.

  5. I am glad to hear that there are more gardeners that love yellow than I thought!

  6. I know what you mean - the last flowers to be selected at the nursery are always the yellow ones (and of course those not in bloom). Sad of course, because there just isn't a happier colour in the world and I think most colours look better standing next to yellow. Great post.

  7. The cheeriest flower colour for sure. Without yellow, blue would look so bland. Fabulous photos of course (I have a feeling those words will turn up on all my comments).

  8. I LOVE yellow flowers!!! I have lots of them in my garden and can always squeeze in a few more! They are very cheery. I really love flowers that are shades of red, orange, and yellow. They're like a sunset. Gorgeous photos!!!

  9. Beautiful as always!
    i think Yellow is tricky, sometimes is great, sometimes is not, but for this case I love how it looks


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